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Are you afraid to ride alone in the forest because you could fall off your horse?

Are you afraid to ride in the arena if there is nobody around to hear you?

Then we have a solution for you! Equitracer!


Equitracer is a product existing out of two small devices. One device which you can attach to your ridingpants, the other device on your saddle. These two small devices are in connection with each other through radiosignal. In case of a fall the Equitracer notices the fall because the distance between the two devices gets bigger. A message is send to the contactperson from your choice  (for example your husband, mother or stable owner) that you fell from the horse. This person can see precisely were you are and were the horse is through GPS. If you are okay then you press the button on the device on your ridingpants. Then the contactperson knows that you are okay. If this is not the case then the contactperson can forward the location to the emergency center.


Unfortunately we can not prevent a fall, but the injury can be limited if help is there early. Also you don't have to search for many hours to your horse after a fall.

Who Are We?


Equitracer is a young business established by Ilse Hilhorst, Phoebe Rohn, Kathleen van der Winden & Veroniek Pieper.

Equitracer started through a school project. The assignment was to invent a product which improved the welfare of horses. We thought of a Gps Tracking system for escaped horses. Next to this welfare assignment we adapted this idea to a horse and rider product. We have the patent pending for our idea in Europe and America.


Ilse Hilhorst :

My name is Ilse Hilhorst. I have studied Equine, Leisure and sports at Van Hall Larenstein for one year. I have ridden horses from the age of eight to about twenty years old.

I have worked for a lot of differend stables, mostly training and trading. But it was never the right path for me eventhough I still enjoyed some components of the work.

In my spare time, I used to spend a lot of time behind my computer and this is why I decided to do the technical part of the company. This will also be my direction for a differend study.


Phoebe Rohn :

I am Phoebe Rohn, a freelance rider, trainer, and riding instructor, born and raised in the United States of America. I have been active in the horse world for most of my life, and have worked in different stables in different countries for the last five years.

I currently study Equine Leisure and Sports at Van Hall Larenstein University in Wageningen, NL, before this I studied the German language and Politics at Yale University, and Connecticut College.

When I was 5 years old, I began learning to ride, and have since then had a wide range of experiences in competing with, training, and exercise riding young horses. I have also been involved in competitive jumping with my own horses in the USA as well as in Germany. With this experience, I have been able to deeply understand different riding styles, and techniques applied to the training of young horses. My ultimate goal is to ride and train at the international level.

In my time working in the equine sector I have seen my share of accidents. A few years ago a client fell of their brand new hunting horse at the stable I was working at, and ran off in to the woods, we were not able to find the horse for 6 days. The owners rented a helicopter with a heat seeking camera, and had 50 people on a search for several days. We never found the horse, and on the fifth day we called off the search. On the sixth day the horse was found a short distance from the farm on a neighbors land. This situation ended well, but a horse alone in the forest without food or water for a week can end quite badly. This was one of my main concerns when developing EquiTracer.


Veroniek Pieper :

Hello! My name is Veroniek Pieper, second year student Equine, Business and Economics at VHL university. I have been riding from when I was ten years old and worked on different stables. My knowledge about the ''horseworld'' is quite diverse. The number of accidents I have seen happening is thereby not small.

I am working for a Dutch bank and I am doing a second study in bookkeeping. By doing this, I can combine my passion for the horses with business knowledge.

I am always thinking how I can make the horseworld a little bit safer. And with our product we hope to reach a safer horseworld.



We are busy with producing our products and we will keep you updated about new developments on this matter.

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